A film by ​Sahim Omar Kalifa
  • Feyyaz Duman
  • Halima Ilter
  • Daria Hachem Mohamed Gulli
  • Brader Musiki


Havin, the young wife of Kurdish shepherd Zagros, is being accused of adultery. She flees with their daughter Rayhan from Kurdistan to Brussels. Zagros is convinced of her innocence, leaves his family and joins his wife in the west to start a new life.

Yet, in Brussels, Havin reveals that she has not told Zagros the whole truth and Zagros starts having doubts. He has to choose between his love for Havin and his family’s honour. This choice is becoming increasingly difficult and drives Zagros to despair.

A film by acclaimed director Sahim Omar Kalifa, known for the award-winning shorts Baghdad Messi and Bad Hunter.

  • Feyyaz Duman


    Feyyaz Duman was born in Mardin (Turkey) and grew up in Istanbul. In 2000 he made his screen début in the feature film THE PHOTOGRAPH directed by Kazim Öz. Since then, he had roles in some ten features amongst which SI TU MEURS, JE TE TUE and MY SWEET PEPPER LAND by Hiner Saleem. For his role in the feature SONG OF MY MOTHER by Erol Mintas, he received four “best actor” awards. He obtained his bachelor degree at Istanbul technical university for folk dance and music in 2006. He also studied at Brooklyn College in New York.

  • Halima Ilter


    Halima Ilter was born in Kiziltepe (Turkey). Her mother flew to West Germany with her when she was 2 years old. At 16, her family moved to Berlin where Halima is still living. At 22, Halima took up acting classes. Her big break came in 2016 with the feature AFTER SPRING COMES FALL, directed by David Carsenty and selected at the Berlinale 2016, in which she played the main role. Halima commits herself to the support of political minorities and the enlightment of gender oppression.

  • Daria Hachem Mohamed Gulli


    Daria Hachem Mohamed Gulli was born in 2005 in Zakho (Iraq). She emigrated with her family to Belgium in 2008 as a political refugee. Zagros is Daria’s first role in a film. Her dream is to become an actress or work for television.

  • Brader Musiki


    Brader is a famous Kurdish singer, musician and performer. He performs traditional Kurdish songs but he also composes and performs songs of his own. He accompanies himself on Kurdish instruments such as “tembûr” and “saz”. He has been living in the Netherlands for many years. He acted in several Dutch television productions and films.

  • Suat Üsta


    Suat Üsta was born in 1982 in Muş, Turkey. He lives in Istanbul and has gained experience in theatre. He played five lead roles in television series and acted in feature films such as MY SWEET PEPPERLAND, MEMORIES ON STONE and 14 TIRMEH.

  • Elvan Köçer


    Elvan Köçer was born in 1982 in Iraqi Kurdistan, where she is still living. She got her first acting experience at the age of 12 at a theatre group. Later, she followed a two-year course at the theatre academy. Elvan has played roles in countless short films and television series. She is also working as an acting teacher and as a director.

Cast & Crew


  • Zagros Feyyaz Duman
  • Havin Halima Ilter
  • Rayhan Daria Hachem Mohamed Gulli
  • Abdollah Brader Musiki
  • Dara Suat Üsta
  • Eliz ​Elvan Köçer
  • Fatima ​Leyla Batgi
  • Taymour ​Ezdam Parilti
  • Oom Jir ​Munip Seven
  • Youssef Aziz Çapkurt
  • Lore Maaike Neuville


  • Director ​Sahim Omar Kalifa
  • Scenaristen ​Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem & Sahim Omar Kalifa
  • Producers ​Dries Phlypo, Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem
  • Co-producers Marleen Slot, Marion Hänsel
  • Associated producers Yorgos Tsourgiannis, ​Bas Broertjes
  • Cinematographer Ruben Impens
  • Editor Dorith Vinken NCE
  • Composer Rutger Reinders
  • First a.d. Sabrina Haazen
  • Casting ​Sara de Vries-Vinck
  • Production designer Philippe Bertin
  • Costume designer ​Kristin Van Passel
  • Sound recording ​Dirk Bombey
  • Sound editing & design ​Paul Heymans
  • Sound mixer Alek Goosse
  • Make-up ​Barbara Bijelic
  • Line producer ​Grietje Lammertyn
  • Production manager ​Maarten D’Hollander


​Sahim Omar Kalifa

ZAGROS is the first feature film by Belgian-Kurdish director Sahim Omar Kalifa (°1980). Sahim was born in Iraq and arrived in Belgium when he was 20. He learnt Dutch, found work as an interpreter in Brussels and subsequently studied film at the Sint-Lukas Brussels film school. He graduated with the short film NAN (2008), which won him a wild card from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund. This wild card enabled him to write and direct his first professional short: LAND OF THE HEROES (2010), which was shot in Iraq. The short earned him several festival awards, among which a jury award at the 61st Berlinale (Generation-section). Both his subsequent shorts BAGHDAD MESSI (2012) and BAD HUNTER (2014) were festival favourites as well and both ended up being short-listed for the Academy Awards. Sahim’s shorts were selected for 250 festivals and took home a total of 97 international festival awards to date.

In 2016, Sahim also directed one episode of the six part documentary series STEENWEG (NATIONAL ROAD). It was voted best documentary series at Docville in March 2017, the documentary festival of Louvain, Belgium.

  • A Private View

    Flemish Co-Producer & Main Producer

    A Private View is an independent Belgian production company led by producer Dries Phlypo and writer/producer Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem. They produce drama series, animated series and feature films focusing on strong story content and contemporary themes. A Private View produced 11 feature films and coproduced some 25 more, many of which were commercial successes in their home territories and/or award-winners at important film festivals. Their successes include MOSCOW BELGIUM, OXYGEN, ZURICH and VINCENT AND THE END OF THE WORLD. They have also developed and produced the 26 episode animated series RUSTY as well as a handful of shorts, one of which was nominated for an Academy Award (NA WEWE) and another one of which (BAD HUNTER) was short-listed for the same category. In spring 2017, their first drama series AMIGOS has been broadcast on national television to wide critical and audience acclaim.

  • Viking Film

    Dutch Co-Producer

    Viking Film is the Amsterdam based film production company founded in 2011 by Marleen Slot. Viking Film’s goal is to make internationally oriented, quality films for a Dutch and international audience, with a special focus on art-house films, children’s, family films and animated films. They work with young as well as established directors, screenwriters and crews. Viking Film wants to work across borders and collaborate with producers and filmmakers from Europe, Latin America and Asia. Viking Film recently finished the feature films OSCURO ANIMAL (Felipe Guerrero, IFFR Tiger Competition 2016), SIV SLEEPS ASTRAY (Catti Edfeldt, Lena Hanno Clyne opening film Berlinale Generation K+), NEON BULL (Gabriel Mascaro, selection Venice Orizzonti and TIFF Competition 2015), ZURICH (Sacha Polak, Berlinale Forum winner CICAE Art Cinema Award 2015), SUMMER OF SANGAILE (Alanté Kavaïté, Sundance Competition and Berlinale Panorama 2015) NEW BOOBS (Sacha Polak) and the co-production LEONES (Jazmin Lopez, Venice Film Festival 2012). Furthermore Viking Film is working on the feature MONK (Ties Schenk), OINK’S REVENGE by Mascha Halberstad and JADE by Sacha Polak.

  • Man’s Films Productions

    French-Belgian Co-Producer

    Marion Hänsel (°1949) was born in Marseille and grew up in Antwerp. She set up her own company, "MAN'S FILMS PRODUCTIONS" in 1977, in order to make her first short film EQUILIBRES. THE BED was her first feature film. Marion produced all of the 12 films she directed, e.g. DUST, BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA, SOUNDS OF SAND, NOIR OCÉAN and most recently UPSTREAM with Sergio Lopez and Olivier Gourmet. She won many international awards. Marion also co-produced more than 10 feature films amongst others best foreign language Oscar-winner NO MAN’S LAND and MARRY ME. Retrospectives of her work are regularly organized all over the world. She is often a member of international film festivals jury.

  • “Een mooie, integere, relevante, menselijke en belangrijke film: Belgische cinema van hoog niveau.”

    VRT – Ward Verrijcken

  • “Een indringend portret. Sahim Omar Kalifa is een talentrijk filmmaker, een belangrijke stem.”

    De Standaard – Ruben Aerts

  • “Een matuur en meeslepend debuut, gedragen door levensechte vertolkingen.”

    De Morgen - Lieven Trio

  • “Een krachtig noodlotsdrama over verkeerd begrepen traditie, geschonden eer en het gif dat achterdocht heet.”

    Het Nieuwsblad – Jo De Ruyck

  • “Een zeer menselijke en pakkende film. Aangrijpend!”

    Cinevox - Kurt Vandemaele

  • “Confronterend portret van een man verscheurd tussen traditie en vooruitgang.”

    Vertigo – Steven Tuffin